Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whoo Boy! The Contract

Well, it is finally done.  The contract has been signed and completed.  What I thought was going to be a fairly simple check off the list of things to do before embryo transfer ended up being a long drawn out process.  It took us several months to hammer out all of the details of the contract.  That is because it was 54 pages long!  That is right.  54 pages of long boring cover your ass legal crap.  It had to be read though so all parties got down to business.  The contract brought up a couple of good points that I hadn't thought about.  What happens with the child in case the intended parents die?  What happens if something happens to me?  What happens if the child develops a life threatening complication and won't survive the womb?  Most of it was grim and morbid and left me wondering what the hell I'm getting myself into. A lot of what ifs that I hope we never have to worry about.  We did decide that I would not carry any more than two embryos.  We felt this was the best thing for my health and the health of the baby(ies).  So no worry folks!  I won't become the next octosurromom.  The contract was passed back and forth between both parties and our lawyers until everyone was happy.  Now that the contract is signed, I'm getting a little nervous.  Things are progressing and soon I will get my medications to start injections.  I got an email from one of my intended fathers saying "OMG!  It is really happening!  We're going to have a baby!"  This right here is making it all worth it.  I'm nervous but it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to make someone's dream come true.